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Nice Shelters Realtors is a real estate, investment and general consultancy firm that began its operations in the year 2013 as a subsidiary of EL Spacio LTD.


We’re a team born out
of a passion for customer satisfaction

We’re a team born out
of a passion for customer satisfaction


 The demand for NICE shelter Realtors limited grew from various clients. The organization’s growth necessitated the registration of Nice Shelters Realtors as a fully-fledged operational company in October 2014. 

We have steadily grown in diverse ways within the past four years and we plan to open another branch network in Rongai and Ruaka by the end of 2022 as part of our growth strategy and to cater for the demands of our service in the country. 

We envisage continued experiencing growth in the following aspects:

  • Open more branches in the adjacent counties to enhance accessibility.
  • Intensify our coverage within our area of operation to include more properties.
  • Train and employ our own security personnel in order to inculcate the company’s culture.
  • Facilitate moving houses through the provision of safe and reliable transport.
  • Collection and disposal of garbage

Why Hire Us?


We are experienced and tested in what we do.

Tenant screening

We do screening of tenants on behalf of our clients (landlords) hence removing that headache from you.

Tenant Handling

We handle all tenants’ issues on your behalf.

Legal compliance

We ensure that there is compliance with legal requirements and are able to best advise how to go about the whole process.

Rent Remittance

Remittance of your rent on the agreed dates promptly.

Regular property updates

Ensure that you are well updated with the current status of your property by enlisting you in our landlord’s APP where you will get all the updates of the agreements that we do with tenants, amounts invoiced to tenants when tenants make a payment when a tenant gives the notice to move out as well as any issue that the tenant may raise will also be updated through our App.

Nice shelters realtors

The best new real estate APP in Kenya

Ensure that you are well updated with the current status of your property by enlisting you in our landlord’s APP


Core Values


We are committed to deliver and supersede our clients’ expectations.


We add value, transforming the livelihoods and lives of our clients.


We distance ourselves from the corruption of whichever magnitude.



We believe in prompt and on point delivery of services.


We are professional in handling information.


Our clients come first; it is our pleasure to serve them.

Brand StrategyProperty management experience and expertise

In the realm of property management, our portfolio is well spread over the region and comprises prime residential, commercial, and other properties. The Agency also offers advice, support and training to assist in the competent management of our client's property.

Professional orientation and staffing

We deliver quality service as we are a qualified team of professionals providing a superior service. We offer professional consultancy services to our clients whenever a need arise concerning their property.

Public relations

Our staff are trained to offer a professional yet personal approach to the management of our client's property based on honesty, integrity and superior service whilst achieving the maximum return for them by maintaining their investment at a high standard in order to attract the best possible tenants. We are contactable 24hrs a day in the event of an emergency in our clients’ property during and after working hours through our official communication mobile numbers.

Legal representation

We ensure that our clients are effectively and legally represented. We will always endeavour to negotiate an agreement between parties in the event of a dispute concerning the property, should the need arise, members of our team have a proven track record in this field and have the ability to offer the best possible representation. We deliver as we are a qualified team of professionals.


We strive to: Provide satisfactory solutions to the property needs of our clients throughout the country. Reduce or possibly eliminate hustles related to property management or accessibility. Visibility and Accessibility of properties to tenants. Add value to the Real Estate industry.

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